Bataille de Bicolline

Bataille de Bicolline - 22nd edition - BELLUM NUMISMA



Friday August 19th 2018

From 9am to midnight


The purpose of the discovery day is to allow new participants to gradually discover the world of Bicolline through a simple, intuitive, participative and immersive approach.


What you need to know


- Medieval costume wear as well as respect of the decorum are obligatory to be able to enter the site.


- If you are lost or in case of need, Bicolline’s volunteers are easily noticeable and are everywhere on-site. They are dressed with yellow and blue colors.


- The most precious memories are those that we live intensely. Put aside your cameras and dare to meet new people and interact with other participants!


- We invite you to consult the Beginner’s Guide to find out more about Bicolline.


Enjoy the discovery and have fun!




Coming soon


** An identity card with photo is needed to register. It will be kept at the reception and you can recuperate it when you leave the site before midnight**






A costumes and accessories rental service is available on-site during the discovery day. 




Must-sees of the discovery day


The Merchant Alley

You will find in this alley a great number of artisans and merchants of the Haute Ville (around the Auberge) Discover treasures and articles to upgrade your costume.


 Auberge and Market of Bicolline

The best place to savour a good meal in a great atmosphere is indeed the Auberge. You will also be able to enjoy a few performances at dusk. 


Beginner’s quests

You have a sense of adventure and want to push your experience to the maximum? Quests are here for you! They are a great introduction into our game!



At dusk, the Fosse aux Monstres welcomes champions and creatures of all kinds for a spectacular show!

Make your way to the main stage in the Old Town to enjoy a musical performance.

(More information to come)


The Forge of Illmarinen

All day, our master forger will create unique pieces and will demonstrate his expertise before your eyes.



Trollball is the national sport of Bicolline. Take a seat in the Old Town and come cheer on the teams!



(Information to come)


Children’s activities

The team of the Camps Légendaires has all kinds of epic adventures prepared for children from 10 to 15 years old!


Younger children will have the chance to participate in a puppet making workshop that will be held at the Auberge in the afternoon.