A unique place
that transcends

The Duché de Bicolline allows you to be the living embodiment of your imagination and to live it fully in a unique place that transcends reality.

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A unique place in the world

With its medieval village, its plains, and forests, Bicolline is a unique place that will immerse you in a fantastic world. Its uniqueness makes it a place where role-playing enthusiasts from all over the world converge!

Fighters by the thousands!

Whether it’s to control the Fortress, to capture control points or to eliminate all the opposing forces, each combat scenario is unique. Some battles are played in small numbers and some battles are epic and gather thousands of players! It’s a unique experience every time!

A fantastic architecture

Developed over the years in partnership with its community, the Duché’s village is marked by the originality and diversity of its buildings. Each district has its own identity. It’s the creativity and imagination of each player that will transport you into a fantastic world!

Embody your imagination

Have you always dreamed of being a viking, an elf, a fearsome pirate or other fantastic characters? At Bicolline, you can embody your imagination and make your alter ego evolve in a life-size role-playing game where everything is possible!

The Grand Battle

The Grand Battle is the flagship event of the Bicolline. This summer gathering is an experience where players from all over the world participate in the many activities offered: battles, quests, shows, tournaments, feasts and much more!


Year-round activities

Bicolline offers a wide range of activities throughout the year, allowing you to explore all facets of its fascinating universe. Whether it’s military campaigns, scenarios or a grand masked ball, each event is sure to be memorable!



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